Adrenal cleanse

Adrenal cleanse:The adrenal glands are two small triangular shaped glands located on top of the kidneys. Sometimes the adrenals are also referred to as suprarenal glands. The adrenal glands are vital for survival. Even though the glands are tiny, they play an important role in regulation of blood pressure, immunity, production of many hormones and how we respond to stress. Without the adrenal glands, humans cannot survive.

The chief hormones made by the adrenal glands including the sex hormones, catecholamines, hormones to regulate blood pressure (spironolactone, catecholamines), hormones to regulate metabolism (corticosteroids), build muscles (androgens), monitor levels of electrolytes (aldosterone) and the corticosteroids.

The control of adrenal glands is by the brain. Intricate and complex nerve pathways regulate adrenal glands every second of the day. The adrenal glands generally function without much problems but can be affected by several medical disorders. Infections and cancers of the adrenal gland can cause serious problems to individual. Sometimes adrenal glands are removed during surgery. Further, some brain disorders can also lead to poor functioning of the adrenal glands. Whenever the adrenal glands are damaged, injured, or removed, a deficiency of important hormones results. The diagnosis of adrenal gland under function can be difficult and if the diagnosis delayed or missed, it can be life threatening. The most common symptoms of adrenal gland deficiency or under function may be fatigue, poor appetite, dizziness, weight loss, nausea, skin discoloration, low blood pressure, and susceptibility to infections.

The treatment of adrenal gland deficiency is via the use of hormone supplements. In most cases, hormones are prescribed by health care workers and depending on the situation many have to be taken for short/long periods.

Today, many alternative health care practitioners have formulated ingredients that can help prevent adrenal insufficiency or help treat adrenal under functioning. Since the adrenal gland plays a critical role in our stress response, many of these formulations help individuals manage stress, avoid fluctuations in body weight, and maintain over health.

The ingredients in adrenal cleanse formulas may contain vitamins, minerals, trace elements and a number of herbs. The consumer should be reminded that adrenal cleansing is not a substitute for conventional medical therapy. Further, anyone who wishes to undertake adrenal cleansing should first confer with their health care provider to ensure that there will be no interactions of medications and cleansing ingredients.

There are a number of herbs added to the adrenal cleanse formulas. Some of them include amla extract, ginseng, astragalus root, Ashwagandha, ginger, piper nigrum extract, green tea extracts, and astazanthin.

One should take two capsules a day and use them regularly. In general, the majority of adrenal cleanse formulas are safe and have no side effects like medications. However, because of problems with fakes and counterfeit products, one should always buy adrenal cleanse pills from a reputable health supplement store. Learn to read labels and avoid any products that contain actual hormones. Sale of hormones without a prescription is prohibited and has legal implications.

The average cost for 90 pills or a month’s supply is about $15-$20