Since colon cleansing was introduced to the consumers, almost every organ in the body now has a cleansing formula to help rejuvenate the body. Now there are blood cleansing formulas for sale in many health food stores. So what is blood cleansing all about?

We live in a world where the majority of us do not exercise, many of us smoke, have bad eating habits, drink excessive alcohol, and have unhealthy lifestyles. Today, many individuals have diabetes, high blood pressure, develop cancers, develop chronic disorders like arthritis and others develop heart attacks.

Because of the multitude of medical disorders for which there is no satisfactory medical treatment, alternative health care practitioners have developed blood cleanse formulations. Many of these blood cleanse formulations are available as liquids, pills, tablets or capsules. There are many types of blood cleanse formulas, each with different ingredients. However, all of them have one basic property- they can help you clean the blood, and get rid of toxics and waste products.

Over the years, the industry of blood cleansing has grown huge and is completely unregulated. Many claims are made without any scientific proof about their efficiency. The consumer should understand that blood cleansing is not an accepted treatment by conventional health care practitioners. Further blood cleaning is not an alternative treatment to conventional medical therapy. Finally, one should speak to their physician before embarking on blood cleansing formulas.

The safest blood cleansing products generally are free of synthetic chemicals and only contain herbs and natural plant extracts. Some of the common ingredients include burdock and dandelion roots, Echinacea, vitamins, trace elements (e.g. copper, potassium, chromium, magnesium, calcium), and green tea extracts. Blood cleansing formulas have to be ingested everyday for 1-4 weeks to clean the body. One can also routinely take small amounts of the herbs to maintain good health. The aim of such blood cleansing formulas is to provide nourishment to body tissues, remove toxins and regenerated damaged tissues.

Other blood cleaning formulas are liquids made from herbs, vegetables, and natural fruits. These are the safest and in fact quite tasty and nutritious.

There are other blood cleansing formulas that contain EDTA. Such formulas should be avoided as they have the potential to cause serious toxicity and even death.

Most data on blood cleansing and their efficiency are only anecdotal reports. There are only a few scientific studies that have looked at blood cleansing products. The isolated reports claim that if one regularly takes blood-cleansing products, it can help rejuvenate the body, cleanse the liver, kidney, spleen, repair joints, lower blood sugars, and cholesterol. Other benefits include less tendency to form kidney and gall stones.

For the consumer, it is important to buy his or her blood cleansing products from a reputable dealer and read labels. Buy products that contain natural ingredients and herbs. Those which are liquids and made of natural ingredients are the most efficient. These natural blood-cleansing products are very safe and unlikely to cause untoward side effects like medications.

The average cost of a month’s supply of blood cleansing formula varies from $20-$ 40.