Colon cleanse tea

There are millions of individuals all over the glove who suffer from recurrent bowel problems that range form diarrhea, constipation, nausea, bloating and abdominal pain. In the majority of cases, the cause of abdominal discomfort is never discovered and the condition becomes chronic. In other cases, the cause of abdominal pain may be due to gallstones, gastritis, pancreatitis, gastroenteritis, hemorrhoids, diverticulitis, irritable bowel syndrome, or inflammatory bowel disease. When there are significant bowel problems, the individual feels nauseated, has no appetite and this results in poor absorption of valuable nutrients and essential elements Experts in the field of alternative health care belief that one of the causes of chronic bowel problems is build up of toxins and mucoid plaques in walls of the bowel. It is believed that toxins which line the bowel wall are released into the systemic circulation contribute to the nausea, bloating and general fatigue.

This cycle of poor appetite and release of toxins from the bowel walls is not easily diagnosed nor is it readily treated by conventional medical therapies. For this reason, many individuals have been turning to alternative health care for their bowel problems. The alternative health care practitioners now have developed various colonic cleansing teas to help ease the bowel problems.

Beside colonic enemas and colonic hydrotherapy, colonic cleansing tea is now widely used to treat a wide variety of bowel problems. Unlike colonic enemas. Colonic cleansing teas do not involve any type of invasive procedure- just the drinking of commercialized tea formulas.

Colonic cleansing teas work best when the treatment is combined with a high fiber diet, consumption of water and exercise. When the treatment starts to work, one may start to feel rejuvenated, have regular bowel movements, and even lose excess weight. The duration of therapy with colonic cleansing teas depends on the disorder that you have. The colonic cleansing teas have to be consumed twice a day for several weeks. During this time, the cleansing teas can help neutralize toxins and help rid of excess waste products like bacterial organisms, heavy metals, and parasites.

There are many colonic cleansing tea formulas each with different herbs and nutrients. The most common ingredients in the product that can help treat bowel problems include the following:

- Rhamnus purshiana
- Cassia Senna
- Rhamnus frangula
- Rubus idaeus
- Berberis vulgaris
- Foeniculum vulgaris
- Capsicum Frutescens
- Mentha piperita
- Chamaemelum nobile
- Lobelia inflata
- Hydrastis canadensis

These herbal products can help restore bowel motility, increase tone of bowel muscles, and help strengthen bowels. When the treatment works, one may feel rejuvenated, energetic and re energized. Remember colonic cleansing teas are not a substitute for conventional medical therapy. If you have any type of bowel disorder, it is best to first get it diagnosed by your physician and then discuss your choice of therapy. While most colonic cleaning teas are safe, always read the labels and buy products that contain natural products.

The average cost of colonic cleansing tea varies from $15-$30 for a month’s supply