What is colonic cleansing?

Colonic cleansing is commonly recommended by alternative health care professionals as a preventive and curative form of treatment for many medical disorders. The fundamental philosophy of colonic cleansing is to eliminate fecal waste material and all poisons from the large bowel (colon). Colon cleansing is also occasionally referred to as colon washings, colonic hydrotherapy, colonic irrigation, or colonics.

Colon cleansing involves use of enemas consisting of warm water. However, over the years many practitioners of this treatment have been known to add a variety of minerals, herbs, vitamins, aromatic oils and nutrients to the water. The belief is that these supplements can re-energize the colon and help heal any medical disorder.

Colonic cleansing has been around for centuries but unlike the past, the equipment available today is sophisticated, safe and prevents spillage or foul odor.

Why not use laxative to cleanse the colon?

Most health care professionals use traditional treatments like laxatives, suppositories, or addition of dietary fiber to help cleanse bowel. However, alternative care practitioners believe that colon cleaning is not complete with the above methods and thus recommend a slightly more aggressive approach to help get rid of the waste products. The naturopaths believe that many individuals have a wide number of chemicals and toxins in the body and the best method to remove waste products is with use of colonic enemas. Further, colonic cleansing not only removes fecal material and toxins, it also removes organisms that are harmful to the body organs. There is a general belief that cleansing the colon not only helps treat certain medical disorders but can also help prevent diseases.

Today colonic cleansing is recommended for treatment of the following medical disorders:
-type 2 diabetes
-prevention of cancer
-decreases high blood pressure
-relieves arthritic joint pain
-eases constipation
-decreases skin problems like eczema, psoriases and dryness
-limits abdominal cramps
-eases menopausal symptoms
-relieve mental stress

Colonic cleansing is performed in a clinic and usually takes about 45-60 minutes. The procedure involves inserting a tiny plastic tube into the rectum and cleansing the colon. At the same time, the therapist will also massage the abdomen. After colonic cleansing, one immediately feels a sense of being clean and pure. Most people require several sessions of colonic cleansing to obtain the maximal benefit.

Colonic cleansing is generally a treatment offered by naturopaths and alternative care practitioners. To be on the safe side, read about the procedure, talk to people who have had colonics, and select the right therapist. In general, colonic cleansing is safe but make it a point to see the establishment and ask about the qualifications of your therapist. The more knowledgeable you are about the procedure, the better care you will receive