Heart Cleanse

Heart disease continues to be a leading cause of death globally. Thousands of individuals die each year from sudden and unexpected heart disease and many more individuals are admitted to hospitals for heart attacks. The cause of heart disease has been well studied and the risk factors include high blood pressure, elevated levels of cholesterol, obesity, sedentary life style, family history, smoking, and diabetes.

Heart disease is not just limited to those over age 60. Close to a million individuals who have heart attacks each year are under the age of 60. Heart disease does not only affect men, but postmenopausal women make up a large proportion of heart attack victims

Today, the treatment of heart disease has focused on use of drugs and surgery. Drugs do work but they are costly and have numerous side effects. Other more aggressive methods to treat heart disease include use of balloon angioplasty and surgery. At least 7 million Americans undergo some type of heart procedure each year. Surgery can be useful in some individuals with heart disease, but the risks of surgery are high and complications are plenty.

For this reason, many alternative care practitioners have been advocating cleansing of the heart with supplemental formulas. These nutrient rich formulas cleanse the heart without the use of any expensive equipment or machinery. When the heart cleanse supplements are taken on a regular basis, they can help prevent and suppress ongoing heart disease.

There many formulas sold by naturopaths and alternative health care practitioners that can help cleanse the heart. While some of these heart cleanse supplements are useful, there are just as many that are downright fraudulent.

Therefore, before one buys any of these formulas, one needs to have a discussion with a health care professional. Heart cleanse formulas are not a substitute for conventional heart medications and it is vital that one not stop taking the prescribed medications. Secondly it is important to read about heart cleanse products so that one does not buy fraudulent products and understand contents of the formula. Thirdly, one should also talk to others who have tried out heart cleanse formulas.

There are many types of heart formulas and each has different ingredients. Heart cleanse formulas which are safe should not contain any synthetic chemicals or pharmaceutical products. The consumer must read the label and avoid buying products that do not state the ingredients. Some heart formulas that work well contain coenzyme Q10, L carnitine, magnesium, potassium, taurine, extracts of various fruits, vitamins and an assortment of herbs. All these additives have strong anti oxidant properties and help lower cholesterol, and prevent damage to the blood vessels.

One should never rely on any single heart cleanse supplement for treatment or prevention of heart disease. A change in lifestyle and a health diet is a must if one wants to prevent heart disease. The average cost of a month’s supply of heart cleanse supplemental pills varies from $20-$30.