Joint cleansing

There are millions of individuals all over the globe who suffer from joint pains. In North America alone, at least one out three individual reports some type of joint pain. Joint pains are one of the most common reason why individuals visit health care professionals or the emergency room.

Joint pains may be due to any number of reasons including arthritis, gout, infection, or trauma. In most cases of joint pain, there is no obvious cause but sometimes ligament ruptures or torn cartilage can also cause joint pains. The joint pain can be quite severe and be disabling.

Many relatively minor cases of joint pains do respond to conservative measures like pain medications or braces but serious causes of joint injuries may require more aggressive therapy like surgery. Surgery generally is the last choice for joint pains.

Despite the availability of many types of medical therapies, treatment of joint pain has never been satisfactory. Thousands of individuals remain disabled and have chronic pain for years. In the last two decades, many alternative treatments have been developed to help treat joint pains. Joint cleansing is now widely practiced in North America and Europe to help ease pain, decrease swelling, and help the individual regain his/her functional ability.

There are hundreds of joint cleansing formulas on cyberspace and most are sold by health supplement stores. The basic premise of these joint cleansing formulas pills is to provide nutrition and nourishment to the joint. These substance in these formulas help regeneration of bone and cartilage and bring stability to the joint. Most of these joint cleansing supplements are available over the counter.

Two widely sold supplements for joint cleansing are Glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate. These supplements are readily available in most health food stores without a prescription. The capsules containing glucosamine and chondroitin have to be taken on a daily basis for many months to become effective. It is claimed that these supplements can help cartilage in between the joint regenerate and increase the cushioning effect. Over time, there are reports that both glucosamine and chondroitin can help decrease joint pain, decrease joint swelling, and increase rage of motion in the joint.

Asides from the above two supplements, joint cleansing formulas may also contain a variety of trace elements minerals, amino acids, collagen, vitamins and herbs. It is believed that vitamins and collagen strengthen cartilage and delays onset of osteoarthritis. The consumer should understand that joint cleansing formulas are not effective in all people with joint pains. The reason for this is not understood but could be due to more progressive disease. Individuals who have advanced joint disease generally do not respond to joint cleansing treatments. However, joint cleansing formulas work great if they are started much earlier in life and help prevent osteoarthritis and other related disorders like gout. Joint cleaning formulas are not expensive. A month’s supply of 90 pills usually costs around $15-$20.

All consumers should remember that before undertaking joint cleansing, it is essential to see a health care professional to ensure hat one has the correct diagnoses of joint disease