Kidneys are one of the most important organs in the body. Besides making urine, kidneys make a number of important hormones. The function of kidneys is to excrete all the waste products from the body and get rid of toxins.

Kidneys like other organs in the body are prone to a number of medical disorders. Women frequently develop urinary tract infections that may be recurrent. Other individuals develop kidney stones. There are several types of kidney stones and all can cause excruciating pain in the abdomen and lower pelvic area. Most kidney stones are tiny and they typically occur when the urine gets very concentrated resulting in precipitation of stones in the urinary tract. Most small kidney stones dissolve but often they get stuck along the ureters and do not readily flush out of the body. Sometimes kidney stones get infected with bacteria and induce severe pain. The pain from a kidney stone is excruciating and will radiate into the back and pubis. Sometimes, blood may also become visible in the urine. While the majority of stones are flushed out by drinking lots of water, some stones may require a surgical or a radiological procedure to remove them.

In the last decade, kidney cleansing has become an alternative method of removing kidney stones. The principle of all these kidney formulas is to keep one hydrated, make lots of urine, and flush out the stone. In addition, these kidney cleanse formulas also help get rid of toxins and drugs. There are some reports which indicate that kidney cleanse formulas also reduce the pain of kidney stones.

However, all consumers should understand that kidney cleanse formulas are not a substitute for conventional medical therapy and should only be used after consultation with a health care professional. Serious harm can come if one stops taking the prescribed medications and only relies on kidney cleanse formulas.

Kidney cleansing is a short-term process. Most formulas require you drink a special blend of distilled water, mixed with fruit juices, herbs, nutrient, and minerals. One is expected to drink at least a gallon of this concoction for at least 3-5 days to get rid of toxins and stones in the body. The ingredients in some formulas may also make it easier for the kidney stone to dissolve faster. There are also formulas that can help treat urinary tract infections. The Uva Ursi is believed to be anti microbial and may help kill bacteria in the urine.

Other ingredients in kidney cleansing formulas include hydrangea, goldenrod tincture, nettles, vitamins, ginger, cinnamon, magnesium, marshmallow roots, parsley and green tea extracts.

One should remember that kidney-cleansing formulas do not always work, partly because many formulas are fakes. So in order to get the real kidney cleansing formula, buy the product from a reputable dealer. The average cost of kidney cleansing formulas start around $15-$25.