Wellness is What You Eat!

My elder sister, Melissa, was a chubby baby when she was born. I was the opposite – an underweight, premature baby. Everyone found her adorable and the adults pulled her cheeks all the time, while I stayed in the background, sometimes not even spoken to on gatherings. But Melissa loved me immensely as did my parents, and so rarely I felt overshadowed by her.

As we grew older, Melissa’s love for eating anything and everything increased. When we were teenagers, she was as tall as my dad and they both shared the same weight. Friends and the kids from school began calling her ‘Lisa fatty’ and I felt her growing more conscious about her body. She began wearing baggy clothes to conceal her belly. She grew overweight and as she left her teenage years behind, the doctors told us she was obese.

On the other hand, I remained slender and petite. I ate less and worked more. I did not put on weight because I kept a check on everything I ate as I did not want to become big like my sister. When the doctors told my family Melissa had become obese, we all decided to focus on healthy eating and though of following a diet program.

My mother cooked meals without any oil, and we ate more at home. It was a rare treat now to see sugary foods at home. We ate with caution to ensure Melissa became healthy and lost some weight. My entire family also got a nutritionist to help us with each of our weights and we went out for a jog everyday together. We consumed more vitamins supplements after our meals too. With the passage of time, Melissa lost a few pounds as did my dad, and I gained a few and looked healthier! For this reason, I believe everyone has to watch what they eat as it directly affects our well-being.

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Feb 20, 2015
Fantastic NEW
by: Anonymous

wonderful testimony! the best part is that the entire family stood up to help her. that is the power of two and the power of truth love!

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